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Yard Card Sign Rentals

What does the yard package include?
It's a 50$ Lawn display it comes with 1 A frame message board sign (with your personal message on it), 10 critters of your choice that you can mix and match and a 2' x 8' birthday banner. Additional critters are $2 each for add ons!

Are the sign easily readable from the road?
All signs are easily read from the road. We generally try to put the message board half way between the front door and the road, facing the road. If you would like the signs facing the house or in a backyard just let us know!

How can book /reserve a display?
Reservations are available - call now (727) 808-2666 (9am-10pm) 7 days a week). If you get my voicemail please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I possibly can! I usually have my hands full :)

When do you typically make your deliveries?
Deliveries are made later at night usually anywhere from 8pm-12am the night before the birthday and are left up for 2 days & then picked up. If you want to leave them up for extra days there will be an additional charge.

Do I need to be at home for delivery?
You do not need to be home when we deliver the signs unless paying with cash that is to be left under doormat or in mailbox

Can we have animals around the boards signs?
If you have any animals, please make sure they are not loose in the yard. If you have any gates around your yard, make sure they are unlocked, or i have a code. I will not hop your fence!

How would you be able to get into my gated community?
If there is a gate to get into your community I will need the code or information to give guard before we deliver the signs to let them know we are coming

What happens if the wind blows the sign over?
If the wind blows the sign over, it is your responsibility to pick them up and fix them. The rain will not damage the signs! If not leave them by your front door and I will get them on pickup.

What are your service areas?
You must live in Western Central Florida (Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando counties) to rent signs.

Can I order and the pay later after reviewing the sign?
All sign orders are charged the day of the order.

Do you see outside your service area?
We will not sell to businesses in the western central portion of Florida.

Does your sale price includes taxes and shipping?
Prices do not include sales tax (FL residents only) or shipping.

If I live close to your business, can I pick up the sign?
No we do not allow people to come pick up and return our signs, it's a rental that we deliver and set up ourselves.

Are your signs weatherproof?

What are your critters made out of?
The 2D critters are made out of coroplast.

What happens if the signs are stolen or damaged?
If the signs are not in the condition they were in when we dropped them off you will have to pay to replace/fix them. If stolen we will take necessary action at the time, sometimes things happen.

Can I get a refund if i don't like my display?
No refunds unless a mistake was made by us, if you don't like the way the signs were placed in the yard feel free to move them around a bit! :) We will accommodate to anything that could've been incorrect on our part !

Do you make custom banners?
No we do not customize our banners they are pre designed!

How long does a display take to install?
We are always quick and quiet when setting up a display, We make sure that no one is outside or looking out of windows so we don't ruin the surprise! No more than 3 mins there is 2 of us setting up.

How can i pay you?
I accept all ways of payment :)

Can i keep the display up longer?
Yes! Extra days are $20